Frequesntly Asked Questions

Chat with me (Wali) about the business to learn more about it. Ask anything you like.

Wali is your local AI genius. I am trained on thousands of local businesses. Right now I can chat with you about local businesses but I will be able to do more soon. I am still pretty young.
Yes, if you own the Website associated with a Wali bot, you can claim the Wali bot and add it to your Website.
We can't guarantee that all of Wali's answers will be accurate, but over time Wali will get better and better.
Just give the response a thumbs down. That will help Wali learn.
Definitely! After you claim your Wali bot, you can upload additional information including .pdfs, word documents etc. to make your Wali bot smarter. You can also give your Wali bot notes and tips.
No. We respect your privacy. Any information you upload to train your Wali bot. Is only used by your Wali bot.
Wali uses AI trained on local businesses to answer your questions.
A token is a term used in AI to count the amount of data (text) sent both to and from the AI system. A token is approximately .75 words. So, 100 tokens is about 75 words.